Developing Your Healthy Drinks Category

The introduction of the sugar tax has shaken-up the UK healthy drinks market, driving new product innovation and putting health firmly at top of the agenda for manufacturers and consumers alike. On the surface, it seems to have worked as the sugar intake from soft drinks has dropped an impressive 22.9% since 2014*. With a consumer poll by Harris Interactive showing that sugar content is the top consideration when choosing a soft drink for almost half of consumers. Many are now choosing to drink more water, pure fruit juice, smoothies or no added sugar squash.

It’s also no longer just about hydration, consumers are demanding much more from their drinks. With adults looking for a premium, great tasting alternative to alcohol or to get additional functional benefits from their drinks, whether it’s vitamins and minerals, antioxidants or protein. Turn to page 4 for the buzz around fermented drinks, specifically kombucha tea from Gary Leigh, Founder of Go! Kombucha.

Premiumisation and functionality are also dominating when it comes to hot beverages. As UK consumers, led by a younger more adventurous generation, are no longer happy with standard black tea, there is a demand for higher quality tea and varieties that offer functional benefits, with the stand-out ingredient trends for the last 12 months including matcha, moringa and turmeric. Our healthy drinks expert, Rebecca Vercoe, Brand Controller from Clipper Tea explores the latest hot trends on page 8, including an overview of the next major challenge to face the category – sustainability.

To help you stay up-to-date, we’ve produced this updated Healthy Drinks Buying Guide packed full of the latest product innovations and proven bestsellers, as well as the latest market statistics in a handy at-a-glance format.

*British Soft Drinks Association

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