Coconut Buying Guide

The UK coconut market has exploded in recent years, UK sales of coconut water alone are predicted to reach £100m by the end of 2015, justifying the humble coconut being considered as a food/drink category in it’s own right.

This incredible growth can be attributed to increasing consumer awareness of the health benefits of coconut, which has generated a mass appeal to health conscious consumers, those leading an active lifestyle and also those influenced by the ever increasing list of celebrity endorsements.

This buying guide brings together key brands and products within the coconut category, simply categorised into four main sections; Drinks, Cooking & Baking, Coconut Taste and Toiletries to create an easy-to-use reference tool. Our aim is to support you in making the most of this consumer craze for all things coconut, by including the latest and proven best-selling coconut products on your shelves.

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