Health and Wellness Event - October

Whether it’s products to help boost the immune system in order to fight off all those coughs and colds, vitamin D supplementation to help with the lack of sunshine and shorter days or general multivitamins to top up nutrient levels, the demand for health and wellbeing products hits a peak over the winter months.
To ensure that your shelves are stocked with the best range of natural health and nutrition products, we have up to 50% off wellbeing essentials in this month’s Health and Wellness Event, including top selling brands Unbeelievable Health, Nature’s Aid, Bioglan, Vitabiotics, Nourkrin and BetterYou.

We’re also launching over 250 new products this month including a delicious gut-friendly, low FODMAP range of snacks, sauces and kitchen staples from US brand Fody and two new superfood staples from Navitas Organics; Organic Turmeric Powder and Organic Matcha Powder. Both brands are available exclusively through Tree of Life.

Click on the image below to browse through our October Promotions & New Products brochure.