NEW Healthy Drinks Buying Guide

The UK healthy drinks market has seen dramatic changes in the last few years. Consumer tastes have changed, with sugar intake from soft drinks down over 17% since 2013*. The introduction of the sugar tax is set to shake-up the market further, driving new product innovation and putting health firmly at top of the agenda for manufacturers and consumers alike. It’s also no longer just about hydration, consumers are demanding additional functional benefits from their drinks whether it’s vitamins and minerals, antioxidants or protein. On page 4, Dan and Emily Watson, founders of BumbleZest, explore the consumer demands and trends that are shaping the emerging functional drinks category.

Tea still remains the nation’s favourite cuppa, with sales in 2017 showing a modest 3.5%* YOY increase in a hot beverages market that is generally flat. However, UK consumers, led by a younger more adventurous generation, are no longer happy with standard black tea, there is a demand for higher quality tea and varieties that offer functional benefits such as green, fruit and herbal teas. The family behind Dragonfly Teas and Tick Tock, delve into the best-selling tea varieties to stock to meet this demand for healthier, more exciting options on page 10. They also have some great tea recipe ideas!

To help you stay up to date with this evolving category we’ve produced this updated Healthy Drinks Buying Guide packed full of the latest product innovations and proven bestsellers. We’ve also included the latest market statistics in a handy at-a-glance format to help you plan your healthy drinks range in-store and inspire your customers.

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