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The interest in eco-friendly cleaning products reflects a larger move towards simpler, more natural-living attitudes occurring around the world. As consumers are looking for healthier, safer choices in the foods they eat these factors are increasingly important in the products they use in their homes. Proof of this can be seen in research on behalf of The Grocer* which shows that the UK Eco-cleaning category has risen 10% to £65m in 2017, whilst the total UK household category is 0.4% down on the previous year and is now worth £5.8billion. Consumer buying habits also reflect this change as 26% of consumers now look for organic and all natural household products and 24% expect the packaging to be environmentally friendly*.
In a similar vein, health minded and nutritionally aware consumers are applying the same principals they use to choose their own food to the products that they use to feed their pets. With the focus on natural ingredients, free-from and even the ‘paleo’ high protein approach this is echoed in the category sales, with natural dog food accounting for almost half of the market and grain-free products now making up 34% of all pet food sales.

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*The Grocers’ Focus on Household Jan 2017
**Nielsen Home Cleaning/Laundry Attitudes & Trends Apr 2016

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