Healthy Snacking Buying Guide - Issue 3

Consumers are no longer satisfied with a bar of chocolate or a packet of potato crisps, they’re now demanding much more from their snacks. Not only do they have to taste good and have an inspiring flavour, they also have to have less sugar, contain no artificial nasties and offer added functional benefits, such as being a good source of protein or containing antioxidants. Changes in eating habits have also helped to transform the snacking category as consumers are increasingly looking for flexible, light and convenient snacking options that they can eat on the go. This ‘snackification’ of meals is helping to drive product innovation with products specifically designed to give a wake-up energy kick for the morning, so breakfast can be multitasked around commuting or taking the kids to school, whilst lunch can be a tasty and satisfying snack eaten at the desk which will keep hunger at bay until the evening meal.

The demand for healthier snacks and large variation in consumers snacking requirements is helping to increase overall category sales, but at the same time creating a category that is complex and often fragmented. To help steer you through, we’ve produced this brand new updated version of our Healthy Snacking Buying Guide, featuring a comprehensive list of the proven best-selling brands and innovative new products. Categorised into clear sections, from Baby and Children’s snacks through to Crisps, Chips & Thins and Energy & Protein snacks.
We’ve also included some information and advice for your customers from Gemma Shorter, Nutritional Therapist for The Food Doctor, who gives her tips on healthy snacking. Turn to pages 7 -13 for the most up-to-date market data and an overview of the latest trends within the category.

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