Healthy Snacking Buying Guide - Issue 2

As a nation we have become more aware of the issues that are associated with a diet high in calories, fat and sugar and this has created a demand for healthier alternative snacks, which offer health and nutritional benefits rather than fuel the health problems associated with being overweight.

UK consumers spent £802 million less on sweets, biscuits and crisps in 2015/16 compared to 5 years ago, whilst sales of nuts, seeds, energy bars and dried fruit rose by over 18% in the same period, pushing sales in the category to £3.5 billion. The ‘snackification’ of meals to allow for grab-and-go snack foods rather than regular sit-down meals, is another key trend that is helping to transform the snacking category, driving sales and new product innovation from snack manufacturers.

To help you stay up to date with this fast moving category we’ve produced this brand new updated version of our Healthy Snacks Buying Guide, featuring a comprehensive list of the proven best-selling brands and innovative new products. Categorised into clear sections, from Baby and Children’s snacks through to Bars & Flapjacks and Energy & Protein snacks.

We’ve also included some information and advice for your customers from Alice Mackintosh, Nutritional Therapist for The Food Doctor on the important role that snacking can play in a healthy balanced diet and what are the best options to choose. You’ll also find an overview of the latest trends within the healthy snack category and the most up-to-date market data.

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