Vegan Buying Guide

Our Vegan Buying Guide is packed with our full range of vegan products  plus the latest market insights and tips to help your customers get maximum nutrition in their diets.

Hailed as one of the fastest growing lifestyle movements in the UK, Veganism has seen an enormous surge in popularity in the last few years. With the younger generation leading the way, the number of vegans in the UK has reached a record 542,000* and predications suggest that within the next 25 years a quarter of the population could be vegan.
An increasingly positive portrayal of veganism in the media, online and in social media, combined with the influence of celebrities and high profile sports stars has helped to change the public’s perception of a vegan diet. With negative press stories on the health, ethical and environmental impact of following a meat and dairy based diet reinforcing the message that veganism, or in many cases following a flexitarian diet offers increasingly health-conscious consumers a more sustainable way of life.
The price, choice and quality of vegan products has significantly improved in response to this evolving consumer trend, which has in turn helped to make the difficult transition of switching to a vegan diet easier and more accessible, especially as there are now more convenience and on-the-go vegan products available.

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