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Our Vegan Buying Guide is packed with our full range of vegan products  plus the latest market insights and tips to help your customers get maximum nutrition in their diets.

The UK is seeing a growing interest in vegan diets fuelled by the latest bout of processed meat food scares, a greater awareness of the health benefits of plant-based eating as well as increasing ethical and environmental concerns about the impacts of animal farming and consumption.

In 2014 the UK meat-free food market was estimated to be worth over £655m. Today, some 12% of the UK population identify as either vegan or vegetarian, and 20% of 16-25 year olds self-identify this way.

Definitions are also blurring as a much wider group of consumers adopt meatfree (Flexitarian) or vegan (Flexi-vegan) diets for several days of the week. Brands are responding to these evolving consumer trends and the availability, choice and quality of vegan products has significantly improved in recent years.

Consequently Vegfest UK, the organisers of Europe’s largest Vegan Festivals, have predicted that as many as 55% of people in the UK could be eating largely vegan diets by 2020.

This Vegan Buying Guide features a comprehensive list of the latest new and innovative products as well as our proven best-selling brands, suitable for vegans.

Categorised into easy-to-use sections to help you navigate the full category mix and select the optimum range of Vegan products for your customers. Our guest writer, award winning nutritionist, chef and author Christine Bailey also provides an invaluable overview of vegan diets, health benefits, suggested foods and nutritional considerations to help you help your customers.

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