What's Hot ... Floral Flavours

Foragers and chefs have been embracing edible petals for years, but the floral trend has finally hit full bloom and has been predicted by industry insiders to be one of the key trends for 2018. From adding whole flowers and petals into dishes, to infusing botanical flavours into drinks this new trend makes for a subtly sweet taste. Flowers like rose, lavender and elderflower also have potent therapeutic effects to go with their delicate flavours and pastel colours.

Lavender lattes and hibiscus tea are set to challenge the turmeric latte and reishi mushroom coffee. Whilst elderflower infused cocktails and botanicals like rose and lavender will be the beverage of choice for drinkers looking to curb their alcohol consumption, they’re also appearing as a floral twist to the increasingly popular premium craft gins.

See below for a few of our top floral picks;