What's hot...Pet Care

In honour of National Pet Month, which promotes responsible pet ownership, our focus this month is the Pet Care Category, encompassing pet food, snacks & treats and supplements.

As consumers have become more health-minded and nutritionally aware, they have in turn started applying these same principals to the food they feed their pets. This humanisation of pets is currently shaping the pet care market, with clear signs of shoppers trading upwards in pet food, they are looking for premium, natural, organic and sustainable pet products with transparent production methods and clear labels, and this is helping to drive an estimated 15% year on year growth in the natural pet food market, which is now valued at £226m. New product formats have been inspired by human food, with formats such as soups and casseroles now appearing on shelves. There has also been an increase in popularity of grain-free products and those using nutrient-packed superfood ingredients such as kale, aloe vera and baobab.

Pet owners are also looking to provide for the general health and wellbeing of their pets and manufacturers are responding to these needs by creating foods that are targeted to help support with things like joint health and digestion issues. Pet supplementation is also an option, the market is already worth an estimated £37m in the UK and is clearly on the rise, driven by two traits that closely reflect the human population: pet obesity and an ageing pet population.


See below for a few of our top product suggestions.