Easter Event

The traditional mood-boosting associations of chocolate came to the forefront in 2020, with Kantar data showing that chocolate consumption during the first national lockdown hit a two year high, as many of us turned to indulgent treats to combat feelings of stress, anxiety, and boredom. And as we’re likely to see recessionary food trends kicking in this year, we’re going to see continued demand for indulgent products such as chocolate, as consumers seek small luxuries they can add to their shopping list to offer a comforting treat they can enjoy at home.

Easter offers the perfect excuse for a little chocolate overindulgence, which is why we’re focusing this month on the fantastic array of seasonal confectionery we have to offer for 2021. From dark, milk, and white chocolate through to vegan and dairy-free alternatives, there are eggs in all shapes and sizes and a few chicks and bunnies too! Including indulgent treats from Booja Booja, Montezuma’s, Divine, Tony’s Chocolonely, and Doisy and Dam, with dairy-free alternatives from Moo Free.

Click on the image below to check out the top picks from our What’s Hot Easter Indulgence feature and browse our full easter range.