Tree of Life Tried & Tested - Staxx Bars

We’ve been asking the team here at Tree to tell us about their favourite products. First up is Ryan from our Sales Development team..

“I have travelled far and wide on my quest over the past couple of years to try and find the best tasting protein bar, with a nutritional profile to match. It’s definitely been a challenge, tasting pretty much every protein bar that’s on the market. I’m relieved to say that I’ve finally found my favourite…The Staxx Bar range made by protein dynamix! The taste, texture and nutritionals are all absolutely perfect for my hectic lifestyle and strict dietary needs. If I ever need a great pre-workout snack or a protein hit after a merciless gym session, I now look no further than my delightful box of Staxx Bars. They never cease to amaze me and if you haven’t tried them already, I highly recommend that you do so, as you won’t be disappointed! (their cookies & cream bar is my all time favourite flavour)”

Great review Ryan, thanks!