What's Hot ... Collagen

One of the latest trends we’re seeing is the merging of the health and beauty markets with the evolution of ‘beauty from within’. Taking skin and haircare regimes away from the topical approach of creams and serums towards ingestible formats with supplements, drinks and even foods that promise beauty benefits through ingredients such as collagen.

Collage is a protein that offers many positive benefits to the body such as promoting hair, skin, nail and bone health as well as increasing skin elasticity, minimizing wrinkles and helping to create a healthy youthful glow. In fact, collagen is often described as the ‘Fountain of Youth’.

There are many collagen supplements available on the market and it’s recommended to take them with orange juice or supplements that contain vitamin C, as it acts as a co-enzyme to allow for better absorption. If your customers want to skip the tablets, then there are drink based collagen formats, snacks with added collagen or foods that are naturally rich in collagen such as soy, pumpkin seeds or bone broth.

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