What's Hot ... Feminine Hygiene

Did you know that unlike most personal care and beauty products, menstrual products manufacturers aren’t required to actually disclose what ingredients they use? This means they could include dioxins (from the cotton bleaching process), synthetic fibres and even petrochemical additives or insecticides such as glyphosate.

There is also the environmental impact that intimate products have, as many conventional tampons and panty liners contain plastic and almost 90% of a sanitary pad is composed of plastic. Just one woman will use 11,000 throwaway tampons and pads in a lifetime, many of which block our sewage systems, end up in the sea or go to landfill or incineration.

However, with increasing conversations around periods, more consumers are considering the impact their intimate products have on their bodies and the environment. There are now a whole host of new and improved feminine health products available from reusable menstrual cups, plastic free sanitary pads, 100% cotton tampons to feminine washes with 100% natural ingredients.

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