What's Hot ... Plant-based 'Meat'

There’s no doubt that more and more people are transitioning to plantbased eating, at the last count there were 600,000 vegans in the UK and almost half of these made the change within the last couple of years. This increasing popularity of Veganism is helping to drive unprecedented levels of new plant-based product innovation, with figures from Mintel showing that the UK launched more vegan products than any nation in 2018 and is now “leading the global rise in veganism in retail”.

One key new product trend is for plant-based ‘fake’ meat, mimicking the texture and taste of animal products, making it easy to make like-for-like swaps for meat products in favourite recipes. Ingredients such as jackfruit and banana blossom have recently been brought to mainstream attention, whilst soya protein and seiten have been re-invented as tuna, sausage or duck and seaweed as bacon! This trend is now invading the snacks category too with vegan jerky and meat flavoured vegan crisps entering the market.

See below for some of our top products picks: