Whats Hot...Plastic Free

The conversation on plastic has been monopolising the headlines ever since Blue Planet hit our screens at the end of 2017. With 36.3m viewers tuning in, BBC audience research has shown that an incredible 62% of viewers said they would now change their habits in order to reduce their impact on the oceans. The idea of living sustainably and completely plastic-free can be quite daunting, but campaigns such as the recent Plastic-Free July have been highlighting the fact that it’s easy to make small steps towards a plastic-free future.

Using reusable shopping bags, water bottles and coffee cups and requesting paper, not plastic straws are all simple ways to avoid single-use plastics. However, there are a lot of everyday items that contain plastic that can go unnoticed, such as sanitary products, toothbrushes, vegetable/food wrap and bags, bin bags and animal waste bags. For instance, 1 pack of sanitary pads contains the same amount of plastic as 4 carrier bags!

In many cases there are now re-useable, biodegradable or compostable alternatives for these products or alternatives made using recycled plastic. With public concern and awareness about the impact of plastic at an all-time high, now is a great time to ensure that you are offering your customers some easy ways that they can start adding some of these alternatives into their daily shop.

Click on the image below for ideas for some simple switches that your customers can make.