What's hot ... Pomegranate

Originally grown in modern Iran and the western Himalayas, the pomegranate and its jewel-like inner seeds (arils) has been revered for centuries, and this fascination remains to the current day as we still value pomegranates for their health and medicinal properties:

  1. A good source of fibre as well as vitamins A,C, some B vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium and iron.
  2. An antioxidant value three times higher than that of red wine and green tea
  3. Studies have suggested that drinking pomegranate juice once a day may help lower blood pressure levels & reduce the symptoms of anaemia.
  4. Anti-inflammatory properties which are beneficial for the skin and could help with the treatment of arthritis
  5. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which can help with sore throats and dental care.

The health benefits of pomegranates can be enjoyed by consuming them in the form of a juice, eating the seeds raw or as a paste, nectar
or concentrate. See below for a few of our favourite picks.