Whats hot .. Seltzers

Despite an almost 30% reduction in the amount of sugar in soft drinks since 2016, sugar remains a key health concern, with 70% of consumers now looking for low or no-sugar options when choosing soft drinks. This has helped to drive an impressive 176% growth in the take-home sales of seltzers, this fledgling category is now worth £5.7m according to the latest Kantar data. Seltzers, which can be simply described as sparkling water with light fruit flavouring and no added sugar, offer consumers the ‘cold can moment’ they’ve previously got from a sugary drink, with the added benefit of playing to the sustainability concerns associated with the use of plastic bottles.

The latest expansion of this trend is hard seltzer, where the sparkling water and light fruit flavourings are combined with alcohol to create a much lighter alternative to beer or wine. Whilst the trend is relatively young in the UK, the category’s trajectory is likely to follow the rapid growth enjoyed in the US, especially with the ongoing restrictions on social drinking in pubs and clubs giving a noticeable boost to take-home sales of alcohol.

Our new updated Healthy Drinks Buying Guide contains a full list of the seltzer and hard seltzer brands that we stock, but click on the image below for our top picks.